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Guild Wars scoring with small guild

It would be nice if small guilds could have some ways to make up some ground during the Guild Wars. We usually win each day since we aren’t easy wins (no push over small decks) but not able to score a ton for the whole week so we seem stuck in bracket 8.

Also, it seems a lot of rewards are lower and lower since I think the devs are making it harder for the big guilds to rack up too much too easy but that is also making it tougher on small guilds more than usual.

If guilds are just for big groups, perhaps make another type of play that let’s people pair up in a tag team delve or map battle where two players factor in the gameplay somehow.

That would be great for 2 player guilds


Sounds like ToD :smile:

Now, this is interesting since you’re “stuck in bracket 8” as a small guild, while several of us have been climbing for a year, 1st place every time, but still at bracket 200+. But I digress.

GW needs a rewamp. Of course, top brackets will ask for very different revamps than lower brackets. Bigger guilds something while smaller guilds another. So there’s no pleasing everyone. But I am curious if you have any specific suggestions.

E.g. in Clash of Clans, they eventually allowed Clan Wars for a smaller portion of the guild, say 5v5. This allowed more flexibility for smaller or more casual clans. You could also schedule a war with another guild at any time and fight for supremacy. Fight your friends, or enemies, and then seek revenge when you believe you’ve grown strong enough to vanquish them.

Alas, to apply a similar thing into GW, a lot would need to change. The rewards only realistically serve those in the top 10 brackets and there’s no incentive for any guild, large or small, to put much effort in the lower brackets other than maybe, eventually, in several years, climbing up to the next tier of Bracket 100.

So yes, GW needs to change, and it would be nice to have other co-op modes. Look forward to hearing your suggestions.


Hi thanks for the reply. Me and my Girlfriend are in guild Clan Shine …-*-…
Just the two of us. We have been playing the Switch version from near the beginning since I am a long time Puzzle Quest fan and even longer time fan of Warlords where the main dev began.

It is interesting what you say about bracket stagnation. We kept progressing up to about 5 months ago where we just can’t score more than about 100,000 in a week even with each of us getting about 8000-9000 per day. Most of our opponents avoid us and feast on each other even though they have 30 guild members they will get scores like 10000 on us but take 20 fights to do that while we only have 10 fights and get 17000 or 18000. That is because they have to fight just us with our 11,000 point decks while their lower guild members are lunch for us as we see decks with just 2000-5000 ratings on them with only a few times we see their captain with an above 10,000 rated deck. So we get the full bonus for being all one color each day without too much worry.

That is the only benefit and it is fun but then we see the 3 teams that we don’t fight that week get a ton of points like 200,000 or more. And a few of the others still beat us out by scoring lots of points on each other. So usually we end up between 5th - 8th place each Guild War nowadays.

If we just had two other players as good as us we’d probably keep progressing up the brackets and also get a lot of other guild rewards since we can only bother with a few rewards in the Doom & Towers etc because two players can only do so much. We know what our targets are and just stop even with extra plays remaining.

Smaller clan wars would be fun. 2x2 would be what we’d want of course since that is all we are. But we still have fun making new decks against the evil meta. We are old school and don’t netdeck, we just see it as we play and try to counter all the endless looping in PvP with freeze and stun tactics, etc. We save up our diamonds and get happy with crafting mythics and have fun making new decks with those cards even if they aren’t the greatest and most efficient. This week crafting choices are really tough since all four are worthy of crafting in our view at least.

I’m rambling since this was my first post here and just spilling out thoughts. If the dev team is open for new game modes that would be great. I think we’d spend some more money if there was some deeper gameplay where maybe getting some items would help. The long grind for medals to eventually do small boosts on your cards seems like something people with automatic instant big blow up decks would do instead of players that use different cards and try to actually match gems to play. Any long grind in any game is going to be reduced to the most efficient way timewise which trashes the game experience. Why even grind to get better stuff if you aren’t even really playing to begin with? When do you actually play once you go down that path? That’s a long time question for all games. So the best way is to make the game fun and interesting from beginner to endgame and GoW does a great job at that or we would of left a long time ago.

But there is always hope for some more interesting endgame content like the midgame has been instead of just super grind for small rewards. Like seriously, who is going to get 50 deeds TIMES 2 plus 18 more deeds just to go up one kingdom notch to get a small boost of mythstones so you can grind a fraction less to get tokens past the cleansing ones? The faction boosts are worth it but the amount of deeds seems impossible. I guess some guilds can buy endless writs. A small guild can not. So I guess that is their way of trying to push everyone into 30 player guilds.

Can just single player achievements be equally rewarding at least some of the time??


(Sorry for the blurriness, but downloading screenshots through Switch Share is annoying.)

Hah, yeah. This is just how it goes for us. This is a typical Guild Wars day for me.

And then when @ChakraFox jumps in, his scores usually match mine, within 100 points. We decimate our opponents in Guild Wars, and only suffer perhaps one loss of a single battle each, maybe every six months. But we aren’t going any where. We spend all of our Gold trying to boost our Guild Statues but it feels like we’re just stuck. We would love to recruit more players; in fact, I used to run a GoW group on Telegram, but we haven’t found anyone we feel we could rely on to pull their weight. Thus, our Guild is only two strong. And we’re stuck.

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Or join yourselves to a guild as dedicated as yourselves.