Guild wars locking up creating a loss

Android, Samsung Galaxy 8
When playing guild wars once I have killed the last person it locks up and counts it as a loss.
I have to completely log out and restart my game and I now have a loss on almost every day this week when in fact I have won.
It started Tuesday of this week

Here is the 2 losses I ended up with because it locked up.

Look like you’re using Hope’s Crescent. There is a bug involving its affix that prevent you from using it to finish the match. More info about it here.


Spoiler alert… happened to me too this week. The devs will do nothing to right the wrong. Sorry.


@Newworld24 I have sent you some compensation. I am really sorry this happened. If you update your game to 4.0 this will no longer occur.
Despite the bug, the Technical Support team can’t change your score or award you the correct Guild Wars points: The score has already been sent from your device, logged to the server, and forwarded to various other games. Unfortunately we don’t have the functionality to change Guild Wars scores :frowning: