Guild wars bug makes me lose points

Today, my fourth duel had to be the last because the game counted it as a defeat, I’m asking technical support on this bug, because it is UNFAIR.

Please help me i’ll give the necessary infos.

Hello Hiruma, unfortunately our team cannot go in and change a defeat to a victory. There is no simple way at the moment to change a single guild wars battle result (it’s not just a matter of us altering a number somewhere, as that result has already been forwarded into various systems and used in various calculations).

Something that can cause this error is playing between two devices or having your internet connection drop out. When you lose connection any battles you are can in be recorded as an error. It’s not the sole reason that this error occurs, but it is a common issue. I’m sorry that there’s not more we can do for you regarding this problem. The best thing to do in future is contact our support found here