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Guild wars focus

Hello everyone,
Can we all stop asking for stuff from devs until they give us the most important update that’s coming- guild wars,
Owner of no horseman, Don Boba.


respect you for this
but i think you should relax a little :slight_smile: developers have their own priorities on the updates and players requests rather will not change those priorities unless it is very reasonable
so i think guild wars will still come when they were/are suppose to come and any new feature requests might be most probably simply answered/released later :wink:


This was a joke thread tho :slight_smile:
I am one of those people that ask for stuff too, from chat fixes, to a daemonomicon rework. And you know what those awesome devs of ours did? THEY REWORKED THE DAMN DAEMONOMICON AFTER I POSTED IT AS A FEATURED REQUEST!!! And that’s not something any player gets in any game. So bottom line i was not serious at all :slight_smile:
BTW a big THANK YOU to @Sirrian and @Nimhain and all other devs involved for reworking daemonomicon. Maybe I can’t aquire horsemans but I can still use them \o/


From what we have been told, the statues will be used in some way with guild wars. I look forward to more info.