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What I Want for Christmas

A 100% working game. That’s it. (And world peace.)

Forget all the other “quality of life” stuff. I just want a game that works the way it’s supposed to. No more Bone Dragon glitches. No blatant Kerberos/Warg abuse by folks that know better. No missing guild chat. Just for things to work. Anyone else agree?


Lol well, your two wishes are fitting as neither will ever happen and that’s not a knock against the devs. A game like this is constantly evolving and changing and nearly impossible to make it “100% working” since that means different things to different people (for starters).

As to your specifics:

  • I’ve yet to run into an issue with Bone Dragon myself nor do I think he is “glitchy” (unless there’s something I’m unaware of); he’s easy enough to counter if you have the right decks (Cough Gorgotha Cough)
  • Yeah Kerberos/Warg need to be fixed but I’m pretty sure they’re working on it
  • I’d rather they scrap the current guild chat all together. Our guild uses Discord and I’ll never look back. I doubt in-game chat will ever be as good so I’ve moved on and it doesn’t affect me or my guild anymore. Still for those that still rely on it, I agree it needs to be replaced.

Just my thoughts. Other than the Kerberos/Warg issue, I’d rather they focus on Guild Wars so that the game continues to evolve and bring in new players with exciting content. The stronger the community the more likely the devs can hire more people to fix issues as they come up and add more content.


So you would agree to no more content until new year? And you think half of the player base wouldn’t be gone by then if the content stops coming in that period?
Before you start calling out devs place yourself in their skin. Evolving a game isn’t as easy as you add 1 on 2 and you get 3. I don’t know any games that bring constant updates that don’t have problems with bugs. Look at LOL for example. Has the largest gamer base. Has a huge beta testing server. Yet almost every week a champ gets disabled because of a bug not being found before (!). Yet they change champions every half a month because even with all the testing they didn’t do it right.


Bone Dragon is utterly broken in how it calculates skull damage. Known issue. (Cough. Gorgotha doesn’t change anything. Cough.)

Suggesting 50% of people would leave if they don’t get two new marginally functional troops every week seems pretty over the top to me. If that is indeed true, then perhaps those people should find a different game that gives them some meaningless trinket every 3 minutes rather than this game. I guarantee that if you asked the vast majority of GoW players if they’d rather have 10 unremarkable troops or all bugs fixed over the next 5 weeks, the latter choice would utterly obliterate the former.

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I can’t agree more with this. Look at the freaking clash of clans. It had masiv success and was one of the top earners in mobile gaming (and probably is still very high). They got masiv amounts of copycat games to take a share in the cookie. Their whole game is rather stupid but they had extremely nice guild war feature and excellent working chat. 2 main reasons for the games success. I played the game for those same reasons for 8 months and eventualy stoped becuase the game is sh*t let’s be honest.
Here we have one of the best games I found on android and it doesn’t focus on some stuff that could be essential for attracting more masses. I mean a player won’t say to a friend “hey let’s play a game, we won’t be able to chat much in the game, or do anything together besides donating gold to the same guild, but why not” "but I could see them say, "common join my guild, there are tons of awesome people who regularly chat and are very fun, and we can also destroy(!) other guilds together because we are the best). Out of 4-6 hours I used to spend a day with CoC opened, 80% of that time was chating with my guild friends.


Sounds like Intrim (and probably others) to me. I have to wade through 2 hours of chat every time I get on LINE.

What sounds like intrim? Neither me or @ogunther are a part of intrim. Nor we plan to ever be.

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If you don’t think Gorgotha changes anything then you’re not using Gorgotha right. And as far as Bone Dragon being broken, have the devs confirmed it’s not working as intended? I see lots of people complaining about it but I’ve yet to see any proof that it’s not working the way it should be. If the devs have said that it’s broken, then I guess it does need to be fixed (it still doesn’t affect me which means it doesn’t have to affect you or anyone else) but I suspect that’s not the case.

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You talking about chatting most of the time.

Sigh. Devs have confirmed many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many times. Clear?

I’m talking about what keepshe a player in a game longer then an average game does. Theres no campaign to pass, so it needs stuff to retain people.
And we sure as hell didn’t come to this forum for any other reasons but to chat and comment on game and other stuff.
So tell me more how gamers don’t like to chat and befriend other gamers :smiley:

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I agreed with you about chatting. I clearly said that our guild chats for HOURS per day. Not sure how you read anything other than that.

Well your sentence was worded poorly (but hey, we all do that from time to time on the forum so I’m not hating on you for it but it wasn’t @DonBoba fault for not understanding what you wrote) :slight_smile:

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Show me. :slight_smile:

Here, in case you want to actually search, I did the brunt of it for you:

Maybe I missed something but I see nothing in there from the devs saying Bone Dragon is not working as intended. :slight_smile:

Oh I get now what you wanted to say. Didn’t understand it from the way you initially said it.
Well then you understand our pain. Wouldnt it be better to the amount that can’t be expressed with words if we could do all that chat in the game directly??
I don’t want to download other apps, or visit discord with my slow Internet just to be able to chat better. .

I also would like the troops in the game to be working as intended before continuously adding new ones and bandaid fixing broken ones.

I hope those issues are resolved soon.

I really do wish they would take one patch to do a tidy up balance and bug fix overhaul. It would be so nice for this game to have a lot of quality of life fixes that would make the game experience a million times better.

I sincerely doubt one great quality of life and balance patch would push away players.

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It does sound like a good state of mind! :smiley:


It’s a consequence of this: Queen Mab, The Goddess

In the second bullet, @sirrian mentions that traits are stacking on multiple skull matches - this was for the old Maw trait but the same applies on Courage - and probably why Barrier fails too. This has not yet been fixed, as it turns out to be far harder to do in the game’s infrastructure than they thought.

@extraturn is right, though strictly speaking the bug is in the game mechanics not in Bone Dragon itself.

And yes, I partly agree with @ExtraTurn in the OP - perhaps a compromise would be good - I’d put up with a month or two of one troop a week in exchange for a concerted patch on fixes and QoL…

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for christmass :santa: i wish to get Crescendo :notes:

i can wait for game fixes but there is no amount of wait (or farm) that a free player could do to get one crescendo :frowning:

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All i want for christmas is something that likes to stay cold, but weighs 300ish pounds, and purrs like a cat.

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