Guild War registered as loss

I did my first Guild War of the week, won , it registered a loss, and I received zero points. Can anybody help with this? Ideas?

Guild - The Freakshow

My wife had the same issue.

There seems to be some issues with GW this week after the changeover mishap yesterday. Unfortunately the devs can’t change a loss to a win or award points, however it might be worth submitting a ticket who you won against, and what teams etc to hopefully help them track down these sorts of issues more quickly.

Console is supported by 505Games, and you can submit a ticket to them here:

You can also report issues to the devs at InfinityPlus2 here: though they’re under a large amount of tickets at the moment, so 505 might be the better choice.

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Is it safe to do mine now?I’ll wait if I have too.

I don’t know sorry. All I know is that I did my GW just now on PC(Unity) with no issues (other than 2 losses of my own making… not my best day for sure :confused: ) Unfortunately I don’t have a PS4 or Xbox so I can’t confirm/deny for those platforms.

That being said, I would assume it is? Since the OP was 9 hours ago, but again I don’t know for sure.