Guild: Soy Ghosts (Champion League) Recruiting Active and Friendly Players


Friendly guild looking for active members to help us grow and share strategies.

Guild Level: 47
Champion League (+100% daily login bonus)
Mastery Bonus: 18 to all elements.
Members: 28/30

We are active and get tasks done fast. Meaning free gems, keys, souls, and maps for all guild members just about every day.

Come join us and be a part of a fun and experienced guild community. Instant acceptance on request until our ranks are full.

Search for Soy Ghosts in guild menu or leave your invite id below.


Bump added updated info.


Bump updated level/stats/etc of guild.


Updated for new info and to fill 2 slots with active members. Thanks


Are you from Hilo? I’m new to this game but pretty active. I started joining random guilds but they were all dead. I’ll be happy to join and do what I can.



Yea im from Hilo. Ill send ya an invite


Enzo 18 didnt exist so i just sent invite to Enzo


Weird that’s what it says in game as my ID. Must be a glitch. How do I even check invites? I don’t even see a chat or friends list in the game?