2 Active members looking for very active guild on PS4

I’m level 118, he’s level 90. We are looking for an active guild where we aren’t the only one knocking out tasks and shit. We are both adults with full time jobs, so some days we might not play video games (but most days we do).

Our last guild was ranked 300ish and towards the end we were the only two doing anything and the leader stopped playing.
If you’ve got an active roster with 2 spots open, let me know! Thanks, and happy easter!

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Hi, we are ranked tenth and might be able to accommodate both of you, we have two slots available. We ask for 400k and 1350 seals as a minimum. Interested? Our guild is called ‘quimby’

No reply after a few days. You’ve been missed the boat. Good luck!

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I am looking for new members for ‘A GUILD’ we got to level 84 in league with just a few active players and now are looking to see how far we can get with more :slight_smile:

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Hi, we have 2 spots available - no requirements other than you stay active, PM me your invite codes if you’re still interested. We stay active so yiu won’t be the only ones contributing - I left my old guild to join as I had the same problem

Have currently 9 spaces if still looking, A GUILD, sound just what we’re looking for.

Hello, I wanted to know if you would be interested in letting me join your guild. I did recently start my own guild for the last few months but recruiting has been bigger challenge than anticipated. I am a level 170 player and try to play daily. But due to family and work commitments I may miss a few days on occasion. If you still have 9 spots I’m willing to join you if your open to it.

My invite code is QUANTUM_PQAE

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Ready to send invite you’d be very welcome :wink: I know not easy as it sounds to find good regular players to join, you need to leave your current guild before I can send the invite.

KiLo619 is a new guild who is mature and new. We work and have fams too. Contribute as much as you can. We are looking for active players

If you are still interested in finding a guild, Corpsegrinders has some openings for the both of you.
We don’t have many players at the moment, but we are all hard working and flexible to each others needs.

If you would like to discuss more details about what each of us are looking for and if we could fit well as a team, feel free to send me a message
PS4: InfernoOfLilith (Leader)
Guild: Corpsegrinders (set at 100+ entry, but I will lower it for your friend if interested.)