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Guild seals and Guild Tasks - Balancing of Rewards

  1. My favorite game mode is Treasure Hunt, and I like Arena a lot too. However, playing TH for 60 turns takes much longer than playing two PvP or Explore matches, and playing 8 Arena matches is right out… and if you get unlucky and don’t get a “success,” you’ve wasted a lot of time. So now, to ensure I reach 1500 seals a week, I feel pressured to spend a lot of time playing “standard” battles instead of the game modes I like! The rewards for TH and Arena need to be increased to be in line with their time investment and risk of failure.

  2. My guild didn’t reach 12 in all its tasks last week, which is fine, not every guild is going to. But we’re going to prioritize Gems and Gem Keys over Souls and Gold Keys… which means every week, we’ll be leveling our Red and Blue Masteries while Purple goes lacking, etc. It would be better if the rewards were shuffled around between colors each week so some colors don’t get left behind

  1. Treasure Hunt is never a waste since you get rewards that you cannot in other game modes

  2. That’s your Guild’s choice to prioritize resources over the long-term benefits of spreading out the Contribution. You have to take the cons as well as the pros when you make these decisions.

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