Guild related issues

  1. I’ve been receiving updates on other players who are not in my guild. If this was intentional by the devs, please remove it. It will just confuse people. If we need updates on other players, it should be from our friends on Steam or our fellow guild members, not total strangers.

  2. Normally when the game encounters an error, it will normally pop up & tell what the error & tell me to retry. Well in Chat (can’t remember if it was Global or Guild tbh), the loading thing happened & usually when it takes more than 20 seconds, that usually means it bumped into an error is gonna tell me about it. This time it didn’t. The loading thing just hung there forever. After 30 mins (and no error pop up, just never-ending loading) I just thought “screw it” an closed the game via taskmanager.

  3. Sometimes I like to check the Guild list to find out where my guild is & how good its doing compared to others. Well while looking through the list, I saw a guild with -3 members.
    This HAS TO BE a bug.

as a quick fix, devs made channels 900 through 999 silent, you shouldnt get anything from them after you switch to the previously mentioned channels.

Silent as in no global chat? Or Silent as in not receiving updates on players I dunno? or both? If global chat is off on those channels, I don’t mind chatting, I just don’t see the point of getting updates on other players is all.

The negative guild members is a known bug that’s been there since launch, it isn’t related to the patch. I think it happens when someone gets disconnect/retry errors while trying to leave the guild, and so is deducted from the head count more than once.