Very sluggish, no chat

Anybody else experiencing massive lag? Much longer loading screens between matches, chat system down, guild screen timeout. All on PC.

Console is pretty rough right now too.

On pc as well. Constant crashes after a pvp fight. Mongo database errors, pvp event ended errors, server timeouts; the gamut. Other guildies reporting same issues. Making it very hard to finish up my pvp week :confused:

UPDATE: just got kicked twice after winning battles getting error saying battle already ended returning to world map, and wins are now being counted as losses. Sigh.

Yes, won’t load. Getting the you are not in a guild message. Chat not working.


Yeah, I’ve been having all these issues for about an hour now on the Steam PC version. Game’s nearly unplayable and most features simply don’t work.

I am on console, it legit looked like I was guildless until I force quit and restarted.

Steam, PC, Game won’t start at all. Stuck at Loading Hero.

Get the “Uh oh something went wrong contact support”.

Unable to load on pc/steam.

Had Server Connection errors all weekend.

Yes me too. Looks like server is having trouble again. Can’t access guild. Can’t connect to chat. PvP wins counted as loses. Got several error messages. I’m playing on Android atm.

I keep getting this (As if it is the start of the week) - I noticed that a patch went out and up…maybe it disrupted the servers again.

Yeah, this is a mess…sigh…

I’ve had not in a guild, blank guild picture, trouble logging in, and Now… A ERROR NEVER SEEN BEFORE.
I CANNOT LOG IN AT ALL! I’m on Steam/pc version.

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I think it must be an update bug if it is across all platforms.

I had a login error trying to open gold chests today.
Are koalas attacking the servers?


I have also seen this error a lot today.

I thought they had measures against those already!

oh i thought it was my internet connection…

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That is why I decided to post, nice to know it isn’t just me.