Guild Recruitment: Puck's Buddies


Hello, looking to fill up my guild with some active people. I started the guild when Gems of War first came to steam, since then people became inactive and I’m now the only one left. I figured it would be nice to have more than just myself again.


  1. Be active
  2. Win more trophies than you lose.

and that’s it!

The guild is currently level 6 with 506 trophies.

If you have any questions ask away.!


I figured the name alone would have gotten at least a comment. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m looking for a guild that will assist me learn the game; quite busy for the next 6 months but play when I Have time; I just don’t have any time to do any research.

I"m only level 36, have 82 glory, and 802 souls (not sure what to level up and the increments are pretty minimal).

Troops are:
Flame Cannon
Drake Rider
Spider Queen
Ancient Horror
Blast Cannon

Archon Statue
Deeo Borer
Dwarf Lord
Mist Stalker
Poison Master
Goblin Shaman

I won’t list commons assuming they are not worth levelling up. Also didn’t list the characters you can get from questing; eventually I’ll have all of them. I’m looking at an end game build in mind; I don’t want to level up much that won’t be useful in the endgame.

My invite code is BLARG 2