Guild recruitment: Aes Sedai


@Cell - you need to leave your current guild if still interested.

We have one spot available.


We currently have one spot available.


If you still have a free spot, I’d be happy to join your guild.
Lvl 566, active player, invite code ARAGORN 2.


@Aragorn - invite sent. Welcome to Aes Sedai.


I’m sorry, it looks like I`ve missed the underline in the invite code, should be ARAGORN_2. I suppose this is the reason i can’t see the invite. :frowning:


I sent it again.


Got it now, thank you!


We currently have one spot available. If you are interested please post your invite code.


Looking for new guild. Level 354 and play and contribute daily. SCOTT14
thanks for your consideration


Franek_2 or Franek 2. Lvl +150. i play everyday and contribute what needed


My invite code is AREON. I’m currently level 271 and am looking for a guild and would like to join yours when you have room available.


@slbad - It says your invite code - SCOTT14 does not exist.


@Franek - you need to leave your current guild before I can invite you


Not sure whats up here unless I needed to add the space between SCOTT 14 It should be the same invite code for my ipad as my Iphone right? Hopefully that will work
EDIT: Im not or was in any guild either. If that code doesn;t work I will contact support


LEGOLAS_11 I play all day 24/7 lvl 75 14 legendaries i gain 30000 gold per week pls invite ty


If you are still interested you need to leave your current guild.


We currently have one spot availble


Level 76 very active, will contribute. Looking for a good guild. Invite code: AUTISMFULLHOUSE

Thx 8)


We still have one spot available.


I would love to join. I’m a new player but very active, and on my second full re-read of WoT :slight_smile:
Invite code: JUPLES