***Aes Sedai is looking for new members***(5 Slots open)

Aes Sedai is looking for new members.
This a casual friendly player guild.
We consist of very old members and new members.

-----Our Guild-----

  • Level: ca 1200
  • Rank: ca 320
  • Current League: Grandmaster IV
  • Guardians: > lvl 100


Player level greater then 300.
Min. requirements are only 200,000 gold per week.

Hi, is there a way to message you privately to discuss? Looking for a guild for my partner and I. We routinely get to 1500 seals (sometimes life gets in the way) and contribute at minimum 200k gold although normally much more ( this week I am at 550k she is at 400k). We are in the top contributors in our current guild and just looking to move up yet remain in a casual friendly environment