Looking for a guild


Hey guys,

I’m looking for a guild.
I’ve just came back from retirement, as a casual player.

Anyone want to have a trophy player (like a trophy wife)? :wink:

If you don’t know, I’m level 1000 (the original one).
I have all: the armors, units, weapons (except 2), kingdoms…

Any takers? I’ll join one at the end of the day.


Join rainmaker! I’d love to be in the same guild as you again!


Aes Sedai 1 free slot :slight_smile:


I sent you an invite, did someone beat me to it?


@Machiknight - Are you the GM Machiknight?

@Terrorist - What are the weekly requirements at Aes Sedai?



Trust me, you don’t want to be with Aes Sedai, they are always interfering in the political landscape of the world thinking that they can just run the place. Plus their own internal politics are enough to drive a person crazy. And if you get a red Ajah are in charge they end up wanting to kill all male channellers.


Are you sure you’re talking about Aes Sedai?


to Machiknight streamed terror :scream: , and by the way how do you know when writing such nonsense I am a member of the guild for six months when I started we were at around 30 in the ranking of small steps now slowly climb to the top ten. I am proud of the members and guild achievements. And somehow still not crazy :sunglasses:


It was a joke based upon the name of the guild hehe


Rainmaker it is!