Guild Rank Questions

maybe someone can help me with some simple question according the guild ranks

  1. do all guilds have the fixed amount of 5 ranks, or can it be more / less ranks?

  2. i have heard the ranks can have different “themed” names - how man themes are availabe and what are the rank names from 1-5?

  3. am i right, that it is not possible to change the rank names? they are fixed und just depend on the theme?!

please let me know :wink:

This is true. My guild is demon themed. [quote=“MrSnake, post:1, topic:8238”]
do all guilds have the fixed amount of 5 ranks, or can it be more / less ranks?

5 ranks but more than one person at each rank.

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There are ten Guild Rank titling options.
Feeling lazy, so instead of pictures here are some links to pictures I just took.

Normal: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Normal Guild Ranks
Army: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Army Guild Ranks
Daemonic: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Daemonic Guild Ranks
Holy: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Holy Guild Ranks
Political: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Political Guild Ranks
Dragon: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Dragon Guild Ranks
Heroic: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Heroic Guild Ranks
Godly: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Godly Guild Ranks
Beast: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Beast Guild Ranks
Kingdom: Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Kingdom Guild Ranks


i am curious about the numbers behind the ranks - what meaning do they have?

when i compare the numbers for each rank - we have different values
rank 1 - both 1/1
rank 2 - 8/22 compared to 16/39
rank 3 - 5/44 compared to 5/78
rank 4 - 7/65 compared to 5/116
rank 5 - 9 compared to 3

can someone explain to me?

The first number is how many current guild members there are of that rank. The second number is the limit of how many people in the guild can be assigned that rank. There cannot be more than 30 guild members in total, so the second number grows unrealistically as the guild continues to level.