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Guild of War reward offer

All the troops of the same color, which give a reward in the guild of war, I propose to replace the souls with components for crafting, with destruction


maybe you can use google translate?

Where is the camera?

I would try and help him/her if I could. But I have no earthly idea where to start.


is it clear now?

no, no it is not

I believe they’re suggesting that when the Guild Wars reward troops (Ogryn, Penguin etc) get killed, instead of dropping souls they should drop jewels of their respective colours.

Hmm you mean when they disanchant?

Yes.Well, for example, I have 4 copies, I need 100 more? So I propose to replace the very destruction of these troops, so that they do not give souls for them, but components for crafting


Not sure.

EDIT: Nvm Destroyer cleared it up.