Guild War Reward Troops... worth traiting?

So I’m in a situation where I could drop about half my glory hoard to purchase the stones needed to fully trait the Myzmer guild wars troop… What I want to know is, is it worth it?

I have no interest in traiting sacrifice, so that’s not a concern. However, I don’t want to drop a ton of glory (hate farming) if they’re really not that useful. Mine is currently at ultra rare status.

My thought is that with 3 - 4 of them on a team, fully traited, their 3rd trait of +5 to all stats could be pretty awesome (+15 or 20 to all stats). However, if love to ask the community their thoughts on this. Anyone traited them all the way and have any feedback?

Well since you need a minimum of 13 gems to triple damages i don’t think 3-4 of them would be really useful

I’ve got that one traited and used with enchantress x2 family effective. I don’t find more than one viable.

I’m just thinking +15 attack, life, defense and magic would be cool. Maybe throw a giant spider in there as a purple gem generator? If there were enough purple gems on the board it would do 60 damage and create a dark storm for 11 mana. Also would have 33 attack for an ultra rare troop.

Again though, if everyone’s saying they really don’t work that well I’m not going to dump valuable resources into them. Even more valuable than the glory is the 60 runic magic stones it would take.

So far the only one that I’ve seen effectively used is Brown, in a Bombot deck for doing explores quickly.

5 to all stats is nice, but it costs a slot so you end up sacrificing team variety for a small boost. Instead of using a red one to buff my Crimson Bat so it does an extra 5 damage per cast I’d rather use a troop that is effective on it’s own.

If you intend to use it for it’s spell, you need to make sure the board is heavy on the matching color, so you’re using a gem maker, which generally don’t match the color and so don’t gain the +5 to all stats anyway.

One possible use is as a sacrifice for elspeth. Since the bonus is done at start of battle you can destroy it on turn one to create a bunch of a specific color and still get the boost. This is what the explore deck does:
Hero - Imperial Jewel
Troglodyte (brown GW troop)


Agree with @rasper

Thanks for the feedback guys! Helped with my decision as I decided I’m not going to trait him. Not worth the heavy resource dump at my point in the game. You made some good points.

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Some of them are worth it.

Like, I use Aurai in a green deck.

Bogstrider - Super cheap mana gatherer.
Aurai - Makes Bogstrider get more gems and buffs Draakulis a bunch.
Soothsayer - Board control, and take advantage of Aurai’s Leaf Storm.
Draakulis - Don’t play me against devour. :wink:

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True! That does sound like a solid team. However, they seem to be a bit more geared towards end gamers who have a plethora of extra resources to dump into things.

As I see it (other than sacrifice), the 30 double colored arcanes and 60 runics would be better spent on the guild guardians

I have a fully traited Aurai on my green team. Paired with Forest Guardian (green generation + barrier) and something like Fenrir (attack boost to take advantage of FT’s skull gen), it works really well :slight_smile:

I haven’t considered traiting the others yet though. Don’t have a good team to put them in. The +5 stat boost is nice, but they’re only really valuable if you can get the triple damage somewhat often (IMO). So if you can build a team around them, they’re good. But I wouldn’t try using more than one of them in a team.

hero - prismatic orb

Can be amusing, Gorgotha with magic boost is a full board exploder which fills hero easily. Hero targets a trog to create more browns. Nuke for 90+ and keep brown storm up.

Also works with yellow instead of brown.

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Starting with the +5 in magic does make certain underused mana producers more potent, like light exploders.
Guys like Bogstrider, Nobend Brothers are good examples of Troops that become extraordinary with the buff.

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I’m traiting all of them. I finished the guardians a few months ago and stated saving the stones etc for the gw troops.
Webspinner, dark maiden, webspinner and Aurai is decent.
As is gorgotha, bat, Tesla ogryn.
So yeah, I’m doing em anyway.
So far I have Aurai at UR (green), ogryn UR (red), peryton EPIC (yellow) and mizonmer EPIC or whatever its called (purple) all fully traited. We have troglodyte on the rewards this week and i’ve already got the stones for him and the blue one waiting to go.
Hopefully they’ll have their uses.

So, with à Trog on his team, the brown gardien starts with + 15 to all skills :slight_smile:

Also, I can see Ketras getting used here. +15 all skills really buffs his spell!