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Guild masters - how do you keep tab on contributions to tasks?

Guild masters - how do you keep tab on contributions to tasks?

I would like to know who to promote or demote?

How do I know who has contributed to guild tasks and who hasn’t contributed with anything.

How do you choose who to promote or even kick?

Thank you

(PS I’m playing on mobile)

All the relevant contribution information is available for view in the Guild Roster interface.
You can just browse thru the different tab to see their progress.
Except for the “Total” counts, all roster data resets on a weekly basis.

I know YoYo uses the guild roster interface. With the recent bugs in it, we have had some issues.

Our requirements are high enough that if someone gets a second reset on a Wednesday, it can cause issues for demotion. We had a couple very, very active players that got kicked (and re invited) because of the bug.

The weekly numbers are known to be unreliable. The totals however are spot on.

If you kept a spreadsheet of all your members and collected your data at roughly the same time every week, you’ll have acurate results.

Not the ideal solution since you’re on mobile, but it works.

I am GL for Match Masters. I run a spreadsheet with all 30 guildies on it and take everyones cumulative totals for trophies and gold every monday morning. I publish everyones results (in descending order) on our facebook group page. It is irrelevant to me when the reset(s) occur. From the gold donated I can work out how many gems/keys we all got during the week. Just for fun I also publish a ‘top tenners’ chart with my weekly report.

I am GM for Carnivores and use a weekly spreadsheet to store data on each member. This task is done every Sunday at noon to allow me time to recruit before the Monday changeover.

You ask who to promote, demote or kick.

The answer depends on your own vision of what your Guild is set up to accomplish.

Do you want to have the number one Guild in the league?
Do you want a social Guild but earn lots of Guild rewards - like Carnivores?
Do you want a let’s-have-fun and enjoy the view Guild?
Do you want a Guild so you can feel better in yourself and have bragging rights?

There are, apparently, about 5,000 guilds. Your main problem starting out is getting yourself noticed.

Always, you will have to worry about Recruitment and Retention.

IMHO you need to set up some ground rules acceptable to your members. Keep them on side and motivated. Arbitrarily booting people will not be healthy.

Later, as you rise up the league ladder, you will probably want to tweak members expectations.

Who to promote or demote?

Colonels in our Guild reached level 300 and have all kingdoms at level 10 and have donated over 1M Gold.

Majors have one or two of the three criteria completed.

Captains have recently joined and cleared any probationary hurdles. For example, have reached level 100 and not going AWOL too often.

Privates are on probation and can be booted if, for example, a level 400 player walks past and asks to join our Guild!

Demotion is better than booting. It gives warning that something is not right and allows the demoted member a chance to discuss the reason(s) for your actions. Of course, some other members may disagree and promote them again!

Kicking should be final but there can be reasons outside your control that have caused you to reach this situation. For example, Real-life happens and mistakes are made.

Personality clashes. Hmmm… you control the red button!

My aim is for our group to stay in the top 20 and continue to be sociable. So, take what I wrote as guidance only. Nothing is writen in stone :slight_smile:

Good luck in setting up your own Guild. You are now responsible for other people.