Guild log entry: "[member] captured a pet gnome"

As pet gnomes are relevant to the whole guild and it would be nice to say thanks to the right person, I think, it would be a neat addition to add an entry to the guild log for when somebody captures one.


+1 from me on this

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I agree that this is a quality of life improvement that @Saltypatra would want to know about.

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Not disagreeing with you but doesn’t the member who triggers the pet rescue announce it?

In our guild, no. Why would they?

The only instance where I can imagine that’s useful is if someone has the game open, but isn’t doing any battles.

Higher kingdom power level upgrades require multiples pets for each kingdom to be maxed. Not only should they announce it, people who aren’t playing GoW at the time a pet is found might also want to know to fire up the game. My guild uses discord and Xbox group messaging to push pet notifications. It’s important for a player’s progression.

Some kingdoms can get to power level 17 now.

Regarding the info to out-of-game members, that’s what the alert feature was introduced for. This one here is rather meant as a retroactive recognition.

I get the retroactive recognition, and it might be a cool add.

Alerts, however, don’t work on consoles, windows 10 notebooks, most smart phones, etc. I’m over trying to get them to fix Alerts. For us, it would just be a way to identify who was lazy and didn’t notify the guild.

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:-1: I say Nay, not worth the programmers limited time.

Few people check the guild log, and if you are that curious ask guild members to post in guild chat when they capture a pet.

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