Excellent silent patch, devs!


When I woke up this morning, I had a notification that a pet rescue was happening. Thank you SO much for this tiny QoL patch!

And also, hey, if you do something cool like this for the players, make a forum post.


Just got my first push notification while at work.

Great… there goes my work productivity for the rest of eternity. :roll_eyes:


I got one saying that I have PvP defence rewards to collect. And that was when I turned off notifications for the GoW app! :roll_eyes:


In the actual app, if you go to “settings” and then “alert” you can actually decide what notifications you want :+1:


Is there a list somewhere of what kinds of alerts are under each category? There are certainly some that would be nice but others that I’d rather my phone not get blown up with all day long.


I was wondering the same thing. I’m assuming a pet would be an event alert, but it could also be a guild alert. Following!


A push alert that tells us when we can collect tribute.

Kudos on the PR alert though. :clap:


Now to bring it to consoles.





Same challenge with Steam.


ogrikin is fat


Just yesterday i was commenting with a guildmate about the silly names of my pets. :rofl:


Is anyone able to clarify which alerts are for which checkbox? E.g. Are Pet events or guild?
General Alerts

Is PvP alert just - you have reward to collect or can it be anything else?
Any information would be useful


When I unchecked this box I stopped getting the “PvP ready to collect” notification.


Writing some things up for you now.