Guild Info, Legendary Tasks & The New Update (Please read me!)

Heads up team, there are a few compatibility issues between 4.6.5 and 4.7 when it comes to Guild Tasks and Legendary Tasks.

When players on 4.6.5 try to contribute to Guild Tasks, they will be blocked from doing so until they update their game. We have included prompts in-game that recommend the player update to the newest version available, 4.7, so they can contribute again.

If you are on 4.6.5 you also won’t get any rewards or receive any Legendary Tasks UNTIL you update to 4.7. They will then send when you are on the new version of the game, and you won’t miss out.

Please feel free to read the following articles for more information.

Can’t contribute to Guild Tasks or receive Guild Task Mail on game version 4.6.5

Different Legendary Task Rewards received


Now I want it to update even faster :frowning:

if i could refresh even harder i would! :smiley:


can’t seem to open the help pages

yup me too


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Try these instead. Wont open in a new tab/window though but still, they work lol

Links are now fixed. :slight_smile:


Quoting from the articles:

If you received a Legendary Guild Task Reward Mail on game version 4.6.5 but collect the mail on game version 4.7, you may receive a different Legendary Task Reward from other players in your Guild. This is an expected result of the changes to the Guild Tasks and transition between the old game version and the new game version.

This sounds like 4.7 Legendary Tasks have received a change to reward tables. Would you mind sharing what they look like now?


A few members received just 40 chaos shards for an entire LT. If this is the type of ‘value’ being added then i sure as hell won’t miss them.

I believe you. But can you provide a SS of the LT please?
In the official patch notes there is no mention of Legendary Tasks table rewards being changed.
I saw the quote from Salty.
But evidently they “forgot to mention” what appears to be another nerf.

So they could have said:
“Don’t complain about Epic Tasks gating LTs. LTs are completely useless after the patch anyway.”
More of a question then a statement. From what I read it seems to be this way…

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“I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.”


I’m especially concerned which changes to legendary/mythic troop pulls they might have forgotten to mention. Is it even still possible to get them from legendary tasks as of 4.7?

“What you don’t see is what you get.”

From my collected mailbox


Oh brother… :roll_eyes:

I must add that the message in my collected mailbox has since been changed to say it is a reward from the Epic Blue Task, instead of Legendary Task. Very sneaky.

This got changed to blue task?

I like to live dangerously. So I’m going to give the devs the benefit of the doubt for now and assume that LT weren’t changed. This is just a weird glitch from the transition.

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Yes, (Legendary Task), changed to, (Epic Blue Statue).

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It changed overnight. The rest of us got 1 gem key, 1 event key & 6 stones and that now says epic blue task!