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Different rewards from Legendary Task in the same guild

Xbox One

Our guild completed legendary task that gave us a troop. Not all guild members got the same one.
Both rewards were collected after upgrading to 4.7.

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See Kris11 post below… just update

Different Legendary Task Rewards received

If the Tasks were completed on game version 4.6.5 but collected on 4.7 then this was expected to occur sorry!

Wait… because the player updated to the latest patch. He lost the Mythic Troop that was completed prior to the patch being actually released?
Why would the troop received be different due to the build?
Were legendary tasks changed and y’all “forgot” to mention it in the patch notes?


I dont se why a Mythic converts to a legendary, hell at least should be in the same rarity.


I don’t even see why the contents of a reward mail can change by updating your client version. Apparently the reward mail doesn’t contain the reward itself, just a pointer into some loot table. And it looks like the “mythic” slot in that loot table translates to “legendary” as of 4.7. This could possibly be due to the entire legendary task loot table receiving a rework, except that there haven’t been any communicated changes to legendary tasks and the other two rewards in the screenshots above have remained the same.


This is my suspicion, the surprises never end…

The internal reward structure of Legendary Tasks was updated to a more robust system in 4.7.

This didn’t affect the possible Rewards or the drop rates but it did mean that if we had 2 players, one on 4.6.5 and one on 4.7 who collected the same Task they received different rewards because they were on 2 different systems which grabbed the rewards differently. So instead of the LT Rewards being pulled once for the entire Guild, it was pulled twice (once for the 4.6.5 players and once for the 4.7 players).

This was fixed before the update released on PC/mobile, however, unfortunately, the update was released on console before we could push the fix live so this should have only affected console players - unfortunately, that was already a moving train we couldn’t stop :frowning:

The issue was fixed in roughly 3 hours of the update hitting console by us preventing players on 4.6.5 contributing to or receiving Guild Tasks until after they updated to 4.7. No rewards were missed - they were all sent to their mail box once they’d updated to 4.7.

The only issue was situations like the OP’s where unfortunately, one side got a mythic while the others only got a Legendary :frowning:


To understand you correctly. It sounds like the 2 who got the Mythic Troop should not have? But you’re deciding not to take away their mythic troop and replace it with the legendary troop that they should have received?

So both Reward sets are technically correct, the problem is pulling differently depending on your update - both are intended for their respective update version.

1 LT was completed, 1 LT Reward set was received. So no further action will be taken.

Now that everyone is on 4.7 this shouldn’t arise again as it was a transitioning issue between the old system to the new one, it was unavoidable unless we disabled LTs for 4.6.5 players, which is what we did for PC/mobile but which we couldn’t do before the console updates steam rolled out the gates.

Since nothing of this was mentioned in the patch notes. You are fueling the fire of suspicions that Mythic troops were removed from the LT drop pool. If the LT drop pool has been altered in anyway.
I am not one of those who suspect such things. Because surely y’all would be wise enough to know if you did make that change. It’s better to be forthright about it and not let community figure it out over time.
Whether it’s deserved or not. Both developers and humans are judged the same way. It only takes one lie to poison the well of a million truths.

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They haven’t removed Mythics from the LT drop pool. We got Yasmine today, the first day of Epic Tasks.


Awesome. Thanks! :grinning:

I still think the player should get his mythic by hand of the devs via mail