Mythic troops from legendary tasks nerfed?

Going by this bug report there might be another “surprise” in store for us.

What happened:
Legendary task completed under 4.6.5. Collected under 4.6.5 it gave a mythic troop (Elemaugrim), collected under 4.7 it only gave a legendary troop (Kruarg the Dread), all other rewards unchanged (4 glory keys, 1 gem key).

Loot table for troop pulls has changed, rolls that previously granted a mythic troop now only grant a legendary troop, either because the mythic chance has been lowered or removed entirely.

It’s unlikely that we will receive any official information about this. Could those guilds that still finish legendary tasks as of this week please post:

  • the number of legendary tasks finished
  • the number of legendary troops pulled from those tasks
  • the number of mythic troops pulled from those tasks

Prior to 4.6.5 the chance to get a mythic troop from legendary tasks was 0.5%, on average 1 in 200. It would be interesting to verify if this is still the case.


Hard to say of course since our Guild didn’t get 200+ LT’s per week lol, but I was also surprised by the lack of troops we got the past two weeks of dumping gold stashes before Epic Tasks were implemented. We got 35 LT’s the week before last and 20 LT’s last week, and out of those 55 LT’s we pulled exactly 4 Legendary Troops. I recognize that RNG doesn’t work like this, but we were “due” to pull a Mythic troop, based on how things trended over 2 years of data collection.

Thanks for trying to get some data/track this - like I said I noticed a drop off in troop pulls as well, it wasn’t just you.

To answer the OP.

I read that as tasks were changed, but Mythics were not removed.

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As luck would have it:

2 legendary tasks, 1 Scorpius.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the chance has been raised to 50%. However, it does mean that the chance is still around. :+1:

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My interpretation of Kafka’s explanation is that you roll different dice, thus different tasks in 4.6.5 vs. 4.7. If I roll one d20 and get a 17, it doesn’t mean I expect a 17 from a different d20 even if I roll them both at the same time.

The curious part to me is what the concept of “a more robust system” means. Is there a new RNG? A new mechanism for determining drops through it? Something changed, and this revelation is mysterious.

Too early to say. We are on LTS this week and have had one legendary troop reward. I doubt they would nerf mythic drop percentages for those who reach LTS. But I don’t plan on spending gold on ETS outside of wars week even if my guild think we should. My appetite for pvp is dead, guild events (raid etc) don’t need the ET stat boosts because potions are way more effective and cheaper. I feel sorry for guilds who can’t hammer gold into tasks early in war week. It really affects their chances against those guilds who can complete ETS on day 1 of wars week. That’s unfair. Another skill aspect of the game severely affected in a negative way. These guilds will lose players to those who do ETS obviously and talented players will be left in the shadows. That’s not good for the game, particularly in mid level guilds. Newer guilds will lose distance despite their talent. I don’t get that idea whatsoever.