PSA about Guild Tasks

I know a while ago the devs changed guild tasks that you couldn’t get the same task more than once. (I couldn’t find the patch notes for it though)
Within the past 6 months, I learned if a player goes to a guild that does legendary tasks, and then to a guild that is still on normal tasks. Even if the player had not received the normal tasks reward before, they will be ineligible for any normal tasks that week.

As recently as this week. I learned that if a guild has completed tasks like say 6/12 on blue task. A player joins them that hasn’t received any blue task rewards joins them real quick, but then decides to leave. That player will be unable to get the first 6 tasks from blue, despite them never receiving it before.

My personal thoughts aside. I feel like players (and those with alts) should be made aware of this change.

Because information warning players is no where to be found in these game guides.

End of PSA

Now my thoughts about this change…

I’m active on the forums daily. I read everything I can from the devs. And I had no idea that this was the new system for guild tasks. But evidently we are supposed to know these things.

I thought the intent of the guild task change was to keep folks from Exploiting tasks by getting the same ones more than once. I guess now it’s to punish players for moving guilds anytime that week. Yet, the devs policy was to stay out of guild business like this for the longest time.

Personally, I feel like it’s a shakedown. Any excuse to keep resources from a player. The current policy is too capitalize by taking away what’s free, in hopes you’ll spend money to offset the change. I have alts that I should be allowed move around guilds of mine without repercussions of any sort. I regret having spent money on those accounts now. Which is not a wise business model.
Hope it’s worth the 5-10 guild tasks my alt missed this week thanks to learning the hard way. :roll_eyes:
I tried to keep my thoughts out of this. But it’s difficult for me not to give voice to unnecessary changes that hurt the players. Outside of guild wars week. A player shouldn’t be forced to stay in a guild if they are unhappy. They should be able to receive a guild task if they haven’t received it already that week.

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I am new here but i agree with this for the most part. I don’t know if the reasoning you are claiming is correct or not but i certainly am not exploiting any tasks. I am just a casual player and i don’t know yet if i will be in this game for years the way some of the other players seem to have been so whatever rewards i missed out on today probably don’t matter that much. Tbh i don’t even know what i should have gotten so as a brand new player i think no harm no foul. But it does seem strange that there is no way for the game to recognize if i actually recieved those rewards or not, regardless of if i switched guilds.

Perhaps I’m missing the point here, but I joined a new guild on Monday and because they’re active I missed most of the gem tasks. I don’t really care about that…it’s a penalty I pay for moving from one guild to another.

Should someone really be changing guilds regularly? I see anything encouraging people to stick with a guild for a while to be a good thing.

In some games you have to wait 24 hours after leaving a guild before joining another. That can be far harsher than missing out on some tasks in a once-off way/

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I guess I see why this didn’t really gain traction.

To speak for the community, I think most people see guild-hopping as either:

  • dishonorable
  • suspicious

That’s because “most people” aren’t in a guild network. So to them a guild-hopper is a person trying to exploit some kind of repeatable rewards. A deserter. Somebody who lulls you into thinking you can stop recruiting when in reality they had no plans of staying. Someone who is more interested in the rewards than the friendship. The list goes on and on.

BUT, I think guild networks are overall a good thing. They create a reason for competitive players to recruit and mingle with slightly-less-competitive players and even newbies in a way the chat system doesn’t support. They let competitive players have a chance to take weeks off if life interrupts.

I think the game should have a concept of a guild network with smoother member transfers between guilds inside the network. I respect the devs don’t want you to collect rewards twice, but I do think the solution to that is to make “Have I received this guild reward yet?” a player profile flag in addition to a guildwide one.

That said, I imagine a lot of people in networks feel like if they need to guild-hop, whatever is motivating the hop is more important than the task rewards that week. So I fear this kind of feature is one of those “a lot of effort to please a very few people” things.

They should add rewards for loyalty members of the guild, How Much time you are in the same guild, better your rewards, this Will make people be more productive in Their guilda, people work better with motivation