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Guild Gem Rollovers to gold tasks

was hoping I could hear from a cpl top guilds as to how beneficial it is to rollover gem tasks into gold to complete more tasks.
for more glory keys /mastery gains. with most members having a top teir armor . are the gems worth it?
any advice on the subject would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I’d never expect my members to blow gems on gold nor would I suggest it… 30k gold is just too easy to make…

are you taking in to account that, that would mean each member uses 240 gems guild receives 900,000 extra donations which would result in a lot more glory keys?
and gems to I guess

Gems are better spent on armors if you need them. Chests once you have them. (If your goal is Glory chests, Gem and Event chests are better.)

Most of the top guilds got to be as high level and get as much stuff as they did by doing this very thing.

It’s fallen out off practice mostly, but if you can get your guild coordinated it can be done to get tons of keys. The coordination is the hard part however.

As it stands right now it’s just too easy for the top top players to get gold do they don’t do it anymore. (Not too “easy” really, but the top top do hundreds of matches a week).

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the coordinating will be a big task for sure with small announcements and unable to pin chat.
thanks for eveyones input. I am leary about it but I know has to be a reason the very top guilds have or are doing it.

It’s not hard to coordinate. When you go to the tasks, you can leave a message. Just say to focus on keys and gems. Pretty straightforward.

we been focused key /gems for long time. I meant coordinating gem rollover would be difficult

so for 240 gems a per person thats 900k gold which is what like 30ish tasks or sumthin if a 3rd of em are gems… you have a net loss of 140 gems… you’d level the guild fast though and get a lot of glory keys… am I missin sumthin here?

I duno, but with that math would complete 30 tasks for mastery and if a 3rd are glory key tasks would get 120ish glory keys.

I have no clue what I am talking about, just trying to hear input to see if it is worth it

to be fair I didn’t really do the math just a guess… more glory keys are always welcome… but gem keys are better so it sounds like trading quality for quantity. and mastery gets so slow to up after 50% anyhow…

As a member of Anonymous (#2 on PC/mobile right now), I would just like to say this has never been the guild’s policy, at least not in the several months I’ve been a member. We are allowed to spend our gold however we see fit.


Well having been in MM since almost the beginning, and also having been in Rainmaker for a good bit, BEFORE the changeover in how keys worked and you used to get 3 troops of any rarity per key, those two guilds did the “gem-gold loop” it was called. Many more gems were accrued than about could be bought so the general guideline was to spend the gems on gold to get more keys. It wasn’t necessarily a REQUIREMENT if you could out-earn the gold donation requirement, but it made it easy to get all the troops and there didn’t use to be anything else to spend gems on.

Sure you could have spent gems on magic keys to up your chance of getting legends, but you got more regular keys as a guild when everyone did they loop, and quantity was SO high that magic keys were pointless.

Little bit of GoW history right there for ya! Ahhhh the good ole days!

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being console we never did this but I can see why it was effective, must of my legendaries came out of iron keys, 2 or 3 times even 2 at once.

They changed the gold-to-gem task cost somewhat recently so it isn’t nearly as effective as it once was.

that mean its still effective or not anymore

how much gold did you used to get for how many gem?

It’s still somewhat effective though probably not the best use of everyone’s gems bc gold is so easy to come by.

I forget the costs but right now your guild basically breaks even if they buy the gem task and then everyone invests in more gold whereas before they came out ahead.

thats no eeven enoughgoldfor 1 task per person… thus no way you could be doin close to24 gem tasks… seem like it’d be a decent loss of gems… if i were in sucha guildthouh id just lie about it and earn enough gold on my own.

he also used to get so many gems for tributes… sad console didnt get that long…