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Guild dedicated to new players

The Guild name is Thunderpants.
Leader is T.J.Perkins

Requirements are: activity every 7 days and any Gold/Seals you can spare. Most low-level players will have Kingdoms to unlock and level, but even 5,000-10,000 can be spared. There is no expectation for Trophies and the Leaderboard

The Guild can already complete all Tasks 40,000 and under weekly, and our goal is to maximize rewards while maintaining being casual. Leader asks members to utilize Guild Chat.

An added perk is a vastly experienced player as your leader and direct access here to another one in myself.

Prospective members are to join directly in-game or to reply here with your Invite Code.

If there is space, you will be accepted. If you Contribute, you will never be kicked.


I would like to join!

Invite Code: PEPOPO

Talia has been perms-banned from the forums. :frowning:

Can the guild’s second in command take over this thread? Or should it be locked so any posters aren’t waiting for a reply?
I’ll delete this post if another guild member takes over.