New player looking for a guild. 001


I’ve been playing the game for a month or so and I would like to join a Guild with some active members. Sadly I’ve been in two guilds and only a few players get active.

This are the average resources i can provide to your guild if you want me to join:

Level - 835
PVP - Rank 200-400
Gold given in the guild - 1.5 m
Medals acquired - 2000/2000
Throphies aquired - 2455 (so far…)

I’m still learning about the game, so don’t ask me much about it. I just want to join a guild that makes my time don’t go to waste, so… plase, have that in consideration.

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Hi Omar,

Assuming you’re on PC/Mobile, check out Prancypants! Everyone contributes, according to their ability.


Hey Omar!

Maybe one of our guilds might be right for you?

We are a family of 6 guilds, offering all players an opportunity to find a guild that’s right for them. Most of our guilds max out all rewards each week.

Every member works hard to maintain an atmosphere that encourages growth within the game. We welcome newer fast-paced players all the way up to players who are wanting to be in a Bracket 1-2 guild.

Our amazing discord server allows players to share their tips across guilds, and we often hold fun competitions there.

Join our discord today if you are interested in becoming a part of the Druids Family!

Guild Requirements: PC/Mobile

Druids Glade - Max Rewards each week, 40k seals, 1,500,000 Gold donation on Monday, 1,500 seals by Saturday.

Druids Vale - Max Rewards each week, 40k seals, 1,000,000 Gold donation on Monday, 1,500 seals by Saturday.

Druids Avengers - Max Rewards each week, 40k seals, 800,000 Gold donation on Monday, 1,200 seals by Saturday.

Druids Quest - Max Rewards each week, 40k seals, 500,000 Gold donation on Monday, 1,000 seals by Saturday.

Druids Haven - 300,000 Gold donation on Monday, 800 seals a week (1,200 Mythic Week).

Druids Golden Tavern - 250,000 Gold donation on Monday, 800 seals a week (1,200 Mythic Week). If kingdoms are below level 10 800 seals a week

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Im apparently on Mobile, so im very interested to join in one of your guilds. I would like to be part of glade/vale guild, but like I said before, Im still new, how do i join?

Edit: Im not a competitive player, I just want to have fun and collect all the available troops in the game. Im pretty sure im not playing the game correctly neither I considered myself a good player, i just have a lot of free time because Im stuck in a room 24/7 due CoVid complications.
I would consider joining other guilds available, just let me know where I can help and be helped. :smiley:

Thank you for the reply, but Im looking for something less “casual”.

Thanks for the invite :smiley:

i hope you get in one, i have a good one if you are interested

[FF7F50]Join [EEE8AA]Sons of Chaos[C0C0C0] ¤ [CD7F32]0T[C0C0C0] ¤ [FFD700]1.5 mil [C0C0C0] ¤ [AF7AC5]Rank 80 [C0C0C0]¤ [4682B4]10+LT’s weekly[C0C0C0] ¤ [00FFA2] We are the fun guild! [DB7093]The Sons Family or DM Starla#4721
The Sons Family
86 Online
352 Members

July 30, 2020

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Easiest would be if you’d come and join our discord. You can talk to all the guild leaders there, and we can figure out where you might fit, where there’s a spot etc.

Glade is very competitive in GW so I guess that would not be a good fit, but how about quest for a starter?

There is always the possibility of moving between the guilds once you have built up your collection some more, for example, or should you have less time at some point.

That’s the nice thing about an alliance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry about the Covid complications. Hope you’ll get better soon.

BTW you can also message me your invite code - but I’m sure you’d like our discord. Full of tips and fun. :grin:

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