Join Prancypants as a Fresh Pair, work your way up to Shuffle Pants, Dancy Pants, and finally Prancy Pants!

Prancypants is a casual guild. Everyone joins as a Fresh Pair, and how you do in the week event determines your rank. Only 750 seals and 100 trophies needed, no gold donations. Weekend events are optional. Only 2,000 GW points (one fight win or lose) required.

Discord is optional. If anything important is happening there, someone will paste it to ingame chat. But, we do have lots of pet pictures so join us on discord. The guild is named after my dog who prances a lot and has an extra fluffy butt so he looks like he is wearing pants.

Come check us out ahead of time GoW: Prancypants. Or, just join us and try it out.

Shameless picture, butt fluff pics to those who join:

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Bumpy bump. Sometimes we do silly things like give out free gems to whoever contributes the most seals like right now during new mythic week.

giphy (2)

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Hey Snooj, Can I come back in?

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Bump bump. Looking for three people!