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Newb, looking for a casual/balanced active guild(Web/PC)

Still pretty clueless but want to learn, so there will be tons of questions.

Not sure about the bits of the requirements I have seen, I just hit Lv30, and don’t really have many kingdoms to 10 yet etc.

I am a mature, no drama player that will be guild focused, will be active as nowadays I have a lot of free time on my hands.

I do have a Mic etc setup if needed

Looking for a cool, nice no drama etc guild that is active and looking to go too balanced and up later :slight_smile:


Welcome to the game!

Prancypants will likely have an opening tomorrow or Monday as I kick those days. Edit: Prancypants has an opening now. :innocent:

No gold required. We’re event focused so your rank (Fresh Pair, Shuffle Pants, Dancy Pants, and finally Prancy Pants) is determined based off event participation. Even at low level, the easiest rank is doable. Many of our long term players joined as a new player.

Our discord is optional. No voice chat. Come check us out. https://discord.gg/3UDgjr3

Regardless whether you join us or another guild, don’t fret too much on finding a forever home. Learn the game, have fun, and then you’ll know more of what you want.


What happens if someone prefers Dancy Pants to Prancy Pants, and doesn’t want to take them off? :flushed: asking 4 a frend.

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We don’t accept that kind of person here. Dancing is strictly inferior to prancing.

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