Prancypants new leadership; bye GoW

Two years ago, I started Prancypants. Named it after my dog who has an extra fluffy butt so his nickname is [Something] Pants, (Prancy Pants, Waggle Pants, Stinky Pants, Scaredy Pants). All the ranks are named after pants too because why not (Fanciest Pants, Prancy Pants, Dancy Pants, Shuffle Pants, Fresh Pair, and on discord theres an extra Dirty Laundry for those who left the guild).

Its been a good run. We had open recruitment so anyone was welcome to join. I never had to kick someone for being rude, and no internal drama. Made friends. Got to annoy people as the guild dictactor.

But, I have no desire to keep playing this game. I havent in over a week. So, I stepped down. I am having lots of fun playing Zen Koi 2 now.

To everyone on the forums, I love you all. I will still lurk here. Maybe. Maybe not. Hit me up on discord #Snooj7155 otherwise.

To the devs, refund keys and money for Arachnean Weaver.


The sad evidenced truth is: this company does not deserve nor respect its loyal playerbase.

Best of luck ahead.
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Im sad to hear you are leaving. I have apprciated your presence on the forum.


This is but the first of many I’m afraid. The total lack of care by the Devs and so called support is disgusting. This game is going in one direction only, and that is DOWN


You are not alone. I am planning to have a break too if GW is not fixed.


Right behind you, @Snooj


@Snooj The ultimate revenge though is just use their server without any $$$ support.

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I’ve been on the fence for AGES and leaning ever closer to stopping. New work, better games to play. There’s effectively only two reasons to keep going and neither of them are good aaaaaand I’m not gonna tell in case they try to use it somehow.


i’ll check the game you’re playing, i totally feel what you felt, decreasing gaming experience quality over several months.


Sad to see you go, you’ve been great to have around on the forums. Best of luck moving forward!


Yea, I think that’s the way to go. After the Faction release tomorrow, I’m thinking I might just login and play whenever I actually feel like it, and not make time for it at all anymore. I’ll make sure to meet guild reqs but I’ve stopped caring about any of this.

Was going to play out the rest of the campaign but they screwed that up somehow too… Luckily did not buy any pass this time so meh.

@Snooj You have hit the Snooze button. Haven’t you? I am sorry, mate. I had to take that chance.

Kidding aside, I haven’t had a chance to play alongside you on a stream or exchange ideas on a daily basis. But I had seen how active you were in the game and on the forums. Your leaving, yet, feels like it is gonna leave a void on the forums. Hope you will find fun elsewhere (I see you already found it).

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I’m sorry to see you go @Snooj. But I completely understand how you feel. I’m rapidly losing interest in Gems due to the numerous bugs and radio silence from the Devs. Literally THE only thing that is keeping me here (for now) is the wonderful people in my guild, Madd House Gang, as well as the wonderful people in Xbox Global channel 001. But it’s getting to the point where even that won’t be enough to keep me playing Gems, unless serious improvements are made to fix these bugs without creating new ones.