Guild chatroom/ posting lines could be better!

Sometimes the server doesn’t seem to respond well, when I wanna post more than one line in the
guild chatroom - one of the lines being eaten, resulting in a posted blank line instead.

It not only happened to me, also to another player. So they could still be improved ! And I like to
communicate with the other players of the guild.


no time stamps either

For me the biggest pain is random chat freeze. I like to write a lot, and when it happens on my first message, and i forget to check 5-6 of long messages get deleted. .

From Time to Time I have the same Problem.

Time Stamps would be pretty helpful

So yeah… Its absolutely random for me too. Only Solution for me is to close the Game and a restart

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so those empty lines were actually something that was said?

In my experience, yes – the blank lines are not blank for others, and if I retype what I said, then they see it twice. Restarting the game will resync my client.

Another player in my guild has the same problem, and there the lines remain blank. But I can imagine that one accidently sends a line twice when the server doesn’t deal with it correctly.