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Graphics quality resetting

Weird problem. I Would like to have the graphics set to medium, because it gives longer guild chat history, but as I close the game on my tablet and then go back it has reset to low. It works just fine on my phone, but I mostly play on my tablet. Is my tablet unable to handle such high graphics? Both devices are android…

That right there! And I have pressed the apply button…

This has also been happening to me on iOS, for quite a long time.

I don’t have an answer to the question, but wait what:

It does? Oh hey it does. I was totally unaware of this. Are there any other non-graphical side-effects of changing the graphics quality?

Don’t know about any others. The extra capacity for chat history is very important for guilds without other means of communication. But on the other hand I am also the secretary of the guild, so I don’t miss messages and others aren’t playing on my tablet. But still, it would be nice…

Hey this happens if your mobile device can’t handle the higher graphics settings very well, your device will automatically change the setting to Low to prevent the game from crashing.


@Kafka Thanks for the fast answer! I suspected that this might be the case.

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