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Mobile game reset

Hey all you mobile game users,
I know I am not the only one with this issue although I seem the first to send a ticket and I require a little assistance from all mobile users to do a little test. Lately I have had problems with the game restarting when leaving the app but not closing it whether it’s going on discord or even to the home screen or tablet resting while I am away making me lose whatever I was currently doing battles, chat, maps, guild wars. If you are noticing this issue as well please send in a support ticket with your device information. Try closing all the other apps besides gems of war as well click the home screen button wait a few seconds and re-enter the tab try that a few times and if you don’t have this problem pawsome you might be of assistance too with your information. https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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Please note that if you have an older device that this is most likely a hardware issue that we can’t assist you with caused by not having enough system memory.

If your device is brand spanking new and not an older model, then it should be fine :slight_smile:

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It is not fine. I have an S8 Plus and even on the mobile beta it would close the game when I changed the screen to use discord or send a text.
It has to do with the screen going from horizontal (gems of war) to vertical (90% of other apps).
The best way to avoid the issue is to never leave the screen when doing a battle (specially guild wars).


This can’t be the reason (the screen rotation) because discord is horizontal for me as well as gems

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Also I may add it never did this before unity to me at least and I have heard unity causes alot of problems recently with game lag

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Can you post a video? I think if people can see the problem they might understand it better. This game seems to have a lot of issues for mobile users, and that is the largest growing market for gaming. Thank you.

This is how use discord on your phone? Constantly Horizontal? Never having the screen rotate vertically? I’m not saying it restarts the app 100% of the time. It just happens to be the commanility between Textra and Discord. I use them both vertically. And have experienced many times on both Adobe Air and Unity. The game to “crash”. On Adobe Air it would just be a black screen and I’d have to manually restart Gems of War. Now with unity it restarts it for me.
I’ve had both versions on the Samsung Galaxy S8+.


I’m not having this problem much more than usual on an iPhone 8. I mean, it is expected to some extent when you use other apps. Personally I find GoW is pretty bad at coming back from sleep, though. If I’m on the map screen sometimes it takes 10-15 seconds to come back.

Speaking as a phone dev, this is a ridiculously hard problem to solve.

In Windows, the OS behaves like you have infinite memory because of the swap file. It prefers to just start saying “no” to allocations if for whatever reason it’s under stress. That might bring your app down, but there’s not a formal “Windows will close your app if it’s worried about memory” process.

On iOS/Android, it’s a different ballgame. There’s no swap file, thus finite RAM. If the OS feels like you’re using too much, you get shut down if you’re in the background. There is a polite way it tries to go about this, but if it feels like the problem is urgent it might just outright kill you. Sometimes, in very urgent scenarios, it’ll even kill the foreground app. Basically: as a developer you have to assume you can be killed without warning on Android/iOS, and “using a lot of memory” is the easiest way to increase that risk.

But it’s a two-way street. You can be a perfect citizen, using very little memory, but get kicked out because something else is being a hog. Maybe Discord just updated with a giant new feature. I’m pretty sure video chat just dropped on mobile? That might mean it’s suddenly using more memory than it did before.

“Oh, but I’m not using video chat!” That’s true, but to make it load faster it’s possible they keep big hunks of that code in memory, ready to roll. Devs like to do stupid stuff like that and optimize for “video chat loads 10s faster” instead of “my app won’t kick games out of memory”.

So it’s just as possible “Discord is causing other apps to get kicked out of memory” as it is “Gems of War is too likely to get kicked out”. Good luck convincing either dev they’re the problem.

Mobile development is weird as hell.


It is not discord at all I have done a test where I force stopped all outside apps including discord and it still did this restart just by going on the home screen

Yeah. Happens here as well on a daily basis.
It’s just that my triggerfinger is way faster than my brain responding to new mail/messages/posts/replies. I know I shouldn’t while playing GoW. Just can’t help myself. So it happens on a daily basis since hmmmm. A while.

I imagine it would be very frustrating, especially as changing applications is something we do so frequently.

Can you please let me know how much free memory (not storage) you have? Regardless of how new your device is, each device has separate capacity for RAM and this can also be used up over time (effectively). This should be under Settings > Device Maintenance > Storage.

You can try adjusting ‘Background app data’ or ‘Background app refresh’ (depending on your device) to off, or even on. Make sure the app is closed.

As always, there’s some general maintenance of memory and storage space which can be useful. I found an article on this for the S8. Please be careful not to erase any phone data: You are doing this at your own risk

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Mine had 450 I deleted some stuff and got it up to 530mb it’s still doing it I’ll try and see if I can find the background refresh setting

Got a Mi6 with 6GB/128GB. Made every possible exclusion for the memory optimizer to leave GoW alone.