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Graphical glitch on kingdom star increase

First off, I use the iOS app; this may only apply here rather than to the PC and Android versions.

Every time I increase the star level of one of my kingdoms, I have noticed that the kingdom name disappears from the emblem on the world map. This persists until I move the map, so roughly 0.2 seconds after the star increase. I don’t have a screen shot of that, unfortunately.

Before today I just assumed that the text wasn’t being drawn by the graphical engine, but this screenshot suggests that something weirder is happening.

This was immediately after I upgraded Drifting Sands from 1 to 2 gold stars. For some reason, the text “Drifting Sands” appears near the kingdom emblem of Divinion Fields; as soon as I moved the map, the text disappeared and moved to the correct location. So the kingdom names are being drawn, just not in the right place.

Weird, but ultimately cosmetic.

I’ve seen a similar issue on Steam when upgrading to Silver Star. Stays around till I move the map.

Happens on Steam and Android every star I’ve ever upgraded. Never reported it because, as @ozball says, it fixes itself as soon as you move the map.

This is a very old issue, existed since kingdom power was introduced. It was reported back then too but was never fixed. Most of us just got used to it, I guess.

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I’m quite aware that it’s an old issue. Before today, though, I just assumed that the text wasn’t drawn, since I never saw the text at the same time as the empty emblem. Today was the first time I spotted the missing text.

Curiously, it’s much closer to the emblem in Shimrra’s images. So the position of the misplaced text changes based on either version number or operating system.

I’m iOS too, and the text typically gets drawn in roughly (but not exactly) the right place, but over two lines.