Can someone confirm on PC they see this too

I confirmed that it is not on Mobile but I do not have any consoles - and would like to make sure that it is limited to PC only

Where does it show the correct amount for the next level then? I see what I see. What tells me whether this is correct or not?

Both of those shots look correct to me. In the first case, you have a total accumulated power of 3,205, and the previous threshold was 3,200, so you have 5 progress into the next star out of 300 required. The second case is more straightforward; since you have no stars yet, your progress reflects the total of your accumulated power (and that screen should be identical to Mobile).

I don’t think there’s a bug here, aside from perhaps an individual preference for relative vs. absolute progress being displayed.


I just got this back from Support

This is a known issue that our team is aware of. We are currently working to solve this issue. We hope to have a fix out as soon as possible.

Interesting. What issue specifically is “known?” Your screenshots still don’t seem to indicate a bug (again unless you assume the relative progress is in error vs. the absolute progress displayed in the Air version). The math looks correct.

Ya they didn’t say exactly what aspect of the points, the difference in points, the method of presenting, or how after star 5 the points don’t quite match point for point.

I’ve tried to transition my calcs over to the new method and round up

In which screenie do the points not line up?

550 + 830 + 2,194 = 3,574
Threshold for 8 stars is 3,500, threshold for 9 stars is 3,800
Thus 74 / 300 is correct.

540 + 840 + 2,158 = 3,538
Thus 38 / 300 is correct.

Or are you questioning the individual score breakdowns on the left? I can’t verify the accuracy of those since the total # of troops is not present. Do you have a mobile and PC screenie that shows the differences? (Your thread only has PC screenies.)