Grand Inquisitor Xbox One

Either I am misunderstanding how ratio’s work, or the Grand Inquisitor’s ratio is incorrect.

Currently have the following team:
Emperor Khorvash (Leonis)
Grand Inquisitor (Whitehelm)
Penitent (Whitehelm)
Sacred Guardian (Whitehelm)

The Inquisitor’s Spell description reads:
Deal 13 damage to an enemy, boosted by the number of whitehelm allies. Gain Barrier.
Boost Ratio: 3:1

At first I thought that meant for every 3 allies I would gain 1 point of damage (though that seemed pretty weak) so as long as Grand Inquisitor includes himself, that would be 14 damage.

Then I thought Maybe it’s 3 extra damage for every whitehelm troop, so 22 damage.(or 19 if he doesn’t count himself)

So off I go and attack a bunch of troops with it, and I find I’m doing 28 damage…

So it looks like I’m doing 5 extra damage for each Whitehelm troop…

Is the ratio wrong? Is it only this troop, or do a lot of them display the incorrect ratio?

On PC/Mobile, the boost ratio is correctly labeled in the tooltip as x5. Five damage per Whitehelm ally (including himself) was always the amount we got, so your tooltip is just incorrect.


Yes incorrect tooltip, i, as you, have tested it, it ratio is x5 not 3:1.
Same problem that i mentioned last week with the guardians.
For me, its almost like all the new tooltip ratio are 3:1.
Will probably be fixed with new client update.


Shouldn’t that be +5 or 1:5? x5 sounds like multiplied by 5…

Number of Whitehelm allies times 5. I think they’re trying to avoid using ratios both ways to stop confusion between 1:2 and 2:1 etc. +5 might work well though.

I really find all these x:x tooltips extremely confusing. I never understand if its dmg for amount or amount for dmg… especially so since it differs per troop…