Grand Inquisitor PS4, attacking with Rites of Faith instantly crashes the game

It’s happening in the Khetar challenges with a group of 4 Red cards, but I imagine it will happen any time he’s used to attack. It’s happened a few times now and I’m going to try to find another red card to use in his place for the time being.

Not sure if this is somehow related to his being a prize last week, if his code has been reworked and is problematic. I did see another post about his damage being questionable. In any case, it appears that right now using him on PS4, at least for me, is a game-breaking glitch.

Upon attacking, the animation will begin, the game will freeze, and then the game will crash and go to an error report, several of which I’ve submitted now. Doubtful it’s my PS4 since I just did a rebuilding of the database AND a deletion and re-installation of the game yesterday to try to fix another Gems of War issue that I continue to have a ticket open on.

Anyone else having issues with him as well?

Same problem on Xbox one tonight if I put my hero on in the squad. If I remove the hero, There is no crash…