GOW mystery lol

The mystery or better put question I’ve always had was regarding favourite troop displayed in our profile section. On my profile it shows Soul dragon yet it’s neither a card I use much or have it’s kingdom set as my home so why is Soul dragon show as my favourite?

Its based solely on use in PVP fights. So its, uh, archaic. Like a ton of other things in this.

Essentially, we all had that one team we ran back in the days when PVP was 95% of the game. My supposed favorite is Mercy.


Not to sound argumentative but I haven’t used soul dragon in pvp in years again I’m a long time player 4yr that plays daily. In fact I haven’t used good old soul dragon in any form in months.

I had same for Divinia(who was my 2nd legendary), but after 1,5y+ of not using her at all, se was finaly replaced by other troops.

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Every time you take a troop into a PvP fight, it gets +1 to a counter behind the scenes. And that counter never goes down. The troop with the highest counter is showed as your “favourite” troop. So it doesn’t matter if you haven’t used Dragon Soul in a long time. If you’ve used it in 1000 PvP fights, then you need to use a different troop in PvP 1001 times before it will replace Dragon Soul as your favourite troop.

If you’re really curious, gowdb.com will show you the value of that counter. Go there, connect your account and then when viewing your collection, check the “Invasions” column. Here’s mine for example:

So, Greed will be shown as my “favourite” until I do 15k+ fights with a different troop :joy:


Thank you both for your insight

Thanks, I always wondered how this was determined…gonna be awhile before mine changes though :grinning:


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