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Wonder if SCARECROW from PS4 is on this forum, and wonder if he got his name from the real scarecrow


Out of all of these hollow points burst in disperse
Going through flesh and bone through the back of your shirt
You be burnt up and buried in dirt that’ll work
The Scarecrow be smokin’ these ****** for shit
They can’t get wid these bitches they’ll never compare



Another Zella Day fan? I posted the same song higher up somewhere… :grin:


@Jainus -heh- Didn’t even look up but yay lol. Yes love her music a lot! I could have linked others of hers but maybe its official that thats one that just is hmm -omg loveeee- -nods-


(This one have better sound quality)

enjoy! :+1:


Nice. From my favorite album and undisputed best album of the 80’s.

Speaking of 80’s post punk.

The Comsat Angels - Independence Day https://youtu.be/-GJoTVLXUCI
The Fall - Creep https://youtu.be/uCd3wwYyL5c
The Sound - Longest Days https://youtu.be/QlDCRmxC060
Wire - Outdoor Miner https://youtu.be/JWPBuoFs3Mg
Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song https://youtu.be/DXkZI7WZWOo


I am not sure if there is any PJ Harvey fans on these boards. So many good songs from this, ‘Let England shake’ album of theirs.


Stumbled across this band the other day:


Thanks for posting this band. :heart_eyes_cat: I just checked out the rest of their music. Love it.


yeah, they are great.


my fav by them :heart_eyes:


The Indo’s creating illusions
The substance infesting my brain cell is causing confusion
I picture Teflon in slow motion
It’s piercing through flesh and continues to cruising
Wait think straight, don’t haste paste penetrate
Face ace sake place base, damn I think I’m crazed
Terrors the error no errors within my terror
Are you scared of 6-double-6, demonically elegant elements
A manic-depressive aggressiveness, stress me b*tch
And you will feel the strength of my weapons kit
Tric-kory, hic-kory, dickory dock, I smoke top notch bud crop, drop
The D, the O, the P, the E, I need the B, the L, the U-N-T
Because that green power flower got much love
I tell you don’t fuck with the Triple 6 mane
Cause you know that we on them drugs
Damn I’m going off with this blunt outer space rock
Lord Infamous, I keep clouds of smoke flyin out my mouth




Ooh i like that



Possibly one of the most underrated artists? His voice is outstanding.


That was a great song. Thanks for sharing it :smiley:


Some of my favorite, little known artists. Aurora is become steadily more popular though, so she is a lot more know than she was when I discovered her 4 years ago :smile:.

Aurora- Runaway

Aurora - Under the Water (live) (honestly, I get goosebumps just reading the name of this song. I have seen her perform it live twice, and it is fully an other-worldly experience. This video is good, but it doesn’t do it justice)

Tor actually opened up for Aurora the first time I saw her and he blew me out of the water. He is phenomenal live.

Tor Miller - The Dirt

Tor Miller - Baby Blue (live)


Zella is awesome! I randomly discovered her while listening to an Aurora music station :slight_smile: