GoW music topic


Yeah, she is truly phenomenal!! I heard Runaway on the season finale of “The Following,” looked her up, and the rest is history :smile:. She is probably in my top 20 fav artists of all time now.



I’m not a big fan of hard rock but I do enjoy great guitar playing. Enjoy.


Now this wouldn’t be easy.


At the moment there’s 4 I listen to playing GoW.

Mushroomhead - We Are The Truth

Eluveitie - Call of the Mountains

Motionless In White - Necessary Evil

Ice Nine Kills - Animals





Thank you, sadly so many songs on youtube with bad quality.


Tell me about it. The best version I could find live here.

The regular video maybe to dirty for here. I’m not pushing the limits.


Sadly not available for my country. :frowning:


Ween or Govt mule?


Ween. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok. Hang on. I’ll find another. :wink:


This one? Remember they are a silly band but still jam.


Yeah worked, good one. 1 in return.


Voodoo lady is my favorite though. I hope this works for u. Thank you for the other. Very good. :ok_hand::+1::grin:


Seeing these guys next Monday.


I love Fleet Foxes. :expressionless: Your lucky!!!

My fav song of them!


Funny. I almost put that one up. Looking for live, one sec.


I struggle to listen to it without losing a tear… :open_mouth: