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GoW: Krystara's Knockout Knights!

So, I made a joke about GoW 2: Krystara vs the Mushroom Kingdom and it got me thinking…

Who else would go CRAZY for a Super Smash Bros style brawler based on the world of Gems of War!?

What would it look like? Which characters would you want to see included in the game? How would their spells translate into a Smash Brothers-esque brawler mechanic!?

Feel free to share your ideas for
Gems of War: Krystara’s Knockout Knights!!




Ok, so the title might need some work…

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Just compare Shadow Dragon and Queen Titania for a second, two troops supposed to be equally powerful in this game, and now imagine a beat 'em up balanced this way.

So let’s see, each character would need to have an armor bar, a life bar, and then a mana bar that gradually fills over time.

For Shadow Dragon, once the bar is full enough to cast his spell, not necessarily all the way full, then all enemies on the board are poisoned while taking a small amount of dmg from their life bar.

For Titania, her spell would deal damage to their armor bar first, then life is there is more available, and if you wait to cast until the bar is more full, ie more red gems, then Titania also receives a 5 second speed boost, during which she moves more quickly and is momentarily invincible. (Extra Turn)

Ironically, those cards while not nearly equitable in standard GoW, would be more balanced in the Brawler setting!

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If you balanced them maybe, but if we go by GoW design, Titania would oneshot the whole screen and Shadow Dragons poison would literally not matter at all.