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Match-3 mechanics of Gems Of War

Hello Gems Of War team,

I want to suggest you a request, it is to implement in Gems Of War “Special Gems” like in Bejeweled games like:

  • Explosive gems when matching 4 gems together, that blow the 8 gems around the new one after being matched (and not when created, like in Bejeweled games). For mana generation of the exploded gems, 50% or less mana gained (for example), or none.

  • Lightning or whatever element gem when you match 5 gems together that smash the line and the row when triggered. And for that type of gems, no mana gained, because the balance would be not fair.

Of course, the new created gems would be usable both by the player and the enemy (IA or Player).

I know that some units blow gems like explosive gems, or smash a line and/or a row, but not all the units can do that.
I also know that every 4 gems, you have another turn and added gold. To my mind, this new feature could add another twist to the game.

In any case, the game is really nice, and even if you don’t take my proposed feature in count, i will still continue to play GOW.

Sorry for the length of this topic, thank you for all.

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Just to add my 2 cents… I do not want GoW to be like other match-3’s. The reason I keep playing is because of the originality. For those who played Puzzle Quest, that is where I was originally hooked, my roommate bought it on the Xbox and the whole household fought over whose turn it was to play. We eventually gave the game to a friend to enjoy, and I went on to buy other versions of it. Imagine my joy when I found GoW while perusing the google games shop!!

To reiterate: never never never PLEASE never make this game like other match-3’s.

(And no offense to you, @GaiaStrength)


I’m down with more game modes (read; minigames) to play, but definitely “no, thanks” to changing core mechanics like this.

Minigames though! More minigames!


Yes, I could definitely see this being a new mini-game, and would welcome it. I also don’t want to see this in the normal game mode.

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