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GoW Development Team works for the Dark Side (Official Confirmation)

Wu@Haaaaaaaaa x2


Well they do have cake and being a sith does not mean doing anything bad. Darth Vectivus was a good sith and was not a jedi so to must it be that the devs are like him.

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Empire is the party of order in a chaotic galaxy!

Jedi policy also means practicing celibacy.

This is why the jedi are so limited, they do not produce an heir.

Old men who “mentor” young men who themselves “apprentices” even younger boys.

Sounds shady to me. :unamused:

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Where do these boys come from anyway?

Tatooine, apparently. Desert planets at a minimum, judging from the first movie of three trilogies at this point.

Those weren’t movies, that was rebel scum propaganda!

So this is why we have so many daemons and monsters in the game! Why purple is the preferred mana color above all else!


Star wars Episode 1,2,3 best movies ever. Jar jar should have been the sith he was meant to be because then no one would have sen it coming. His fighting style was the drunken fist of martial arts.