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Gorgotha Glitch

I don’t know what is going on…I have a Mythic Gorgotha with the first 2 traits…and about one out of every 8 casts of his abilities…he fills up the enemy troops and they proceed to start doing a lot of damage…and about 1 out of every 20 or so Gorgotha casts…he fills the enemy mana and they proceed to control their side AND mine,all I can do is retreat at that point

Posting this here as well because I am not sure it’s just a 2.05 glitch

Ps4 or xbox?

I’m on ps4 and I am yet to see that bug with my fave troop.

It is happening on the PS4 console

Never seen anything like that on the Xbox.

If its occurring with the regularity you indicated in your post above, I would suggest making a video with the built in capture functionality. This will help the devs ascertain what is going on.

that’s actually a good idea…thank you

I am a little confused with your wording. Could you elaborate?

-1 out of 8 casts of YOUR Gorgotha the destroyed gems count towards the enemy

At least I think that’s what you’re saying. But then you say 1 out of 20 casts what happens? Confused as to what you meant there

He does both but at a different rate…1 of 8 turns yes…he feeds them…and one out of every 20 or so casts…the enemy team takes total control of the board