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Major Gorgotha Glitch UPDATE Not Gorgotha

Ok I couldn’t find the old post…But now when I power up My mythic Gorgotha and use him…one out of between Five and Ten casts…he powers up My enemies and they proceed to well…give my team a thrashing with MY mana

Confused Gorgotha Should work correctly

This happens again and again…what can be done to fix this?.. @Sirrian @Nimhain

It happened AGAIN…it’s Not Gorgotha…it happened after a Kurag the Dread cast, it is the “No Target Found” that caused it…because My Valk just empowered My enemies

@Mithran was totally accurate there

Video not working for me

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no idea how to get it to play for you…works on My end

Same here ricky

Had to upload from youtube, I hope it works

Yeah, that video works great and dude your Gorgotha is a traitor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@WishKiller I’m sorry to say this but I have never seen that happen before now. It is certainly a bug.

Yes he is…He is a Daemon after all…lol

@Nimhain Any ideas?

It seems that the enemy is getting the turn passed to them after Gorgotha casts and before the ability activates. I assume the mana is going to them because of that.

I can see where the problem is, and why the mana is going to them, but I cannot see why it wouldn’t wait for the effect to resolve before passing turn.

That’s pretty much what I am seeing too…maybe the bug happens because of the increased gameplay speed…which I like by the way…I hope that’s not the issue

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That would be it.

that probably should be moved to support section for @Sirrian @Nimhain or console devs to notice as a bug report?

Thanks! Added to our issue database!
It’s going to be a tough one to reproduce I think, but I suspect it’s actually a timing issue related to various Dust Devil & Lion & Tiger issues.

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Also note this happened directly after a “no target available” Kruarg cast, which has caused other issues on PC Mobile in the past, such as not passing the turn and causing the game to soft lock because of it.

@Nimhain @Sirrian Sorry to tag you again guys…It’s Kurag the Dread and his target not found glitch