[Fixed] Gorgon deals a little bit more damage than they should

Gorgon always deal stated damage PLUS SIX to it’s target. This troop is a prince of arenas for that insane damage.

Mush be an error in the counting of the damage.


CAN CONFIRM. Second example:

  • Gorgon with active Webbed status (was actually a mistake with my team composition, but actually improves the experiment overall)
  • Spell card currently reads 0 Magic / “2 damage”
  • Upon spellcast, selected a row with no skulls (or other Heroic Gems capable of causing damage) present or adjacent to it
  • 8 damage was dealt to the first enemy

And yeah, a 6-point difference is HUGE in arena runs.

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can confirm: Gorgon is still doing +6 damage…will be investigated forever

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the video and for the testing.

What platform did you discover this issue on?

I’ve seen it on Switch but suspect it affects all platforms equally.

My video (April 20th, Switch v6.8):

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the additional video.

The development team have let me know that a fix should be rolling out in the next 24hrs, if it hasn’t already!

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