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Good Things with the Console Update

I’m going to post the good things about the CONSONE update in this thread. After playing a few quick games. I’ll save my criticism for another post.

= Nice UI (similar to PC now)
= NO LAG when switching teams!
= The battles are SO easy now that the AI doesn’t have all my bonuses! I can’t believe how fast they are.


Sounds great… no lag and NO traits on the A.I. opponents? This I gotta see.

The UI looks identical to the PC/Mobile version. Huge downside that I found is that graphically, everything looks much flatter and two-dimensional. Removing the 3D shadow effects is sort of a disservice to graphics on the console platforms. Cities blend more into the background now, giving the World Map a cluttered look.

I felt the same way after the actual troop card imagery was updated the last time in 1.07. The impact of artistic eye-candy for each troop went downhill significantly.

A pity that vector-like art has to be that way to consistently scale it down for smartphone-sized screens.