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Golden Krone Hotel

This is a game that makes me want to jump for joy and tell everybody I know about it!

I found this really cool “coffee break” style dungeon game that I’ve been loving. It is called Golden Krone Hotel and it just came out of Early Access on Steam.

I think there’s a lot of players on these boards that are excellent strategists for whom this game would be a great fit. Here’s the Steam page for the game

I paid more than full price to get in Early Access and it was worth every cent. Here’s a game I bought for $10 and have more than 40 hours in already. It just recently came out of EA and I can see myself putting in at least 100 more hours as I try to solve the game, and then solve it again with the many new Classes they released.

I just put up a simple introductory video for it, because much like GoW I want to make videos for games I love and want to support. I don’t need to link to it here because everybody knows where my channel is. Just so happens the developer of GKH who’s a really nice guy named Jeremiah gave me 2 Steam Keys to give away so I attached a contest to the video if you want to go look the vid up.

I hope everybody here thinks about trying it. It gave me full purchase price of entertainment within the first hour of play, for real.


edit: Why make life hard on people… here’s the video and here’s the contest page


Looks like a lot of fun. Hope I win a key!! :wink:

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SInce Gleam handles the contest it I can’t “assist” you in that goal lol :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

If you listen to the Duck Quack every day you can get +1 entry per. I was trying to play around bit and understand how Gleam works, so I thought I would put in something that put a smile on people’s faces.

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