Goblin question

hi, i was using a team of goblin shaman and 2 goblins and when the new patch was downloaded i lost the second goblin in my team. Does anyone know if the patch only allows you to own only 1 goblin now or did the patch just happen to remove the extra and i need to find another one through chests? thanks

You can definitely have more than one goblin. However, there is a bug in the disenchant feature where it doesn’t respect the disenchant level set for a mob. So if you disenchanted all extra copies it might have nuked your goblin even if you set his disenchant threshold higher. If you didn’t do any disenchants you can try a support ticket and see if they can get you back your gobby. I will edit in the support link in just a sec.



I don’t think disenchant works on those already in a team. This might actually be a patch issue. Just file a support ticket.

What I heard is that on consoles there is a bug that when you set a disenchant threshold it disenchants all extra copies of the troop you were setting the threshold. My source are devs/support so that’s probably still a thing.

i have had the disenchant nuke too but it wat with rock worm that was in my party